Thesis Contents

Thesis Contents


















ON CONDITIONS OF DECISION MAKING, a study of the conceptual foundation of administration.", digital edition 2014



PREFACE to digital edition 2014

PREFACE to first printing 1977



PART 1. 

The Practical Syllogism

1.1. Historical Remarks: Aristotle and Anscombe on Practical Reasoning

1.2. Von Wright on the Practical Syllogism

2. Two Models of Practice: the Practical Syllogism and Verification

2.1. Logical Positivism and Practice

2.2. Verification as a Model of Practice

3. Dray versus Hempel on Interpreting Human Action

4. On Constructing the Practical Syllogism

4.1. On Constructing the Second Premise of the Practical Syllogism

4.2. On Constructing the First Premise of the Practical Syllogism

4.3. On the Conclusion of the Practical Syllogism

5. The Model of Practical Decision Making



1. On Concepts and Decisions

2. The Rigorous Rational Model (Analytic Paradigm)

2.1. Rationality and the Analytic Paradigm

2.2. On Value Integration

2.3. On the Descriptive Component of Purposes

2.4. Structural Uncertainty in Decision Making

2.5. The Analytic Paradigm as Practical Reasoning

3. The Governmental (Bureaucratic) Polities Model

3.1. On Formal Game Theory

3.2. Shelling’s Theory of Interdependent Decision

3.3 Interdependent Decision Making in Alliance Polities

3.4. Barnard’s Organization Theory

3.5. Neustadt’s Theory in the Light of the Model of Practical Decision Making

3.6. Critique of Allison’s Concept of Governmental Polities

4. The Organizational Process Model 

4.1 Preliminary Remarks

4.2. Simon’s Organization Theory

4.3 Remarks on Allison’s Model

4.4. Steinbruner’s Cybernetic Theory of Decision

4.5. Steinbruner´s Cognitive Decision Theory

5. Charles Christenson’s Philosophical Study of Management

The Concluding Summary


TIIVISTELMÄ: Päätöksenteon edellytyksistä




I. The Polities of Nuclear Sharing

II. The American Nuclear Strategy

III. The Planning-Programming-Budgeting-System

IV. Alliance Politics in Skybolt Decision